Grow wisely.

A catalyst for growth, powered by wisdom, Sagent is on your side as a true technology partner.

We excel when you excel.

In today’s marketplace, you must deliver fast, easy, and safe borrower experiences while managing risk and growing smartly. That’s where Sagent comes in.

Scalability. Credibility. Agility.

You won’t find that combination anywhere else in lending.

Setting You Up for Success

Your success is our mission here at Sagent Lending Technologies. A focus and a dedication that is reflected in our name, a name constructed from two parts, sage and agent. Sage referring to the wisdom that we acquired through partnering with our valued clients and agent denoting that we aspire to be a catalyst for change within the lending industry.

Today, we proudly carry forward a history rich in commitment to our clients and extensive experience within the auto, mortgage, and consumer lending spaces. Newly independent and inspired by a vision of where lending technology is going, Sagent brings an entrepreneurial energy to clients that’s grounded by industry-leading credibility.

But this is more than just a new name – it’s a transformation in our business towards stronger partnerships, a sharper focus, and the ability to move swiftly and grow wisely.

Your Lending Solutions

Get what you need to move fast and grow wisely within the lending market. Sagent offers technology solutions, professional services, and business process outsourcing (BPO) for national and regional banks, large credit unions, captive banks, start-ups, and sub-servicers within the auto, mortgage, and consumer lending space.

Thrive with Flexible Lending Technology

React faster to changing market conditions and consumer expectations today with flexible lending solutions from Sagent. Like plants that turn towards the sun, you’ll be able to steer your business efficiently to wherever the market trends take you.

Get Configurable Solutions that Fit Your Company

Sagent empowers you to achieve your business objectives and deliver a positive borrower experience. You deserve professionals who blend expert perspective with relentless service and technical excellence with interpersonal trust.

Succeed with Powerful, Meaningful Solutions

Partner with a technology provider that understands how to tailor solutions to your lending needs. Sagent takes the time to get to know you and your business. Growing wisely means providing scalable lending solutions that grow with your business.