Are You Suffering from Variabilitis?

Are You Suffering from Variabilitis?

Auto Financing Leaders – Are You Suffering from Variabilitis?

Variabilitis is caused by growing too quickly or not having enough time to source top-of-the-line talent and can wreak havoc on your organization, your bottom line, and worst of all your sanity. While the symptoms of Variabilitis can be like that of a “bad day at work,” it’s an ailment that affects nearly all lenders when they go through a period of growth or change.


Know the Symptoms of Variabilitis



1. A growing portfolio – Sometimes one of the first symptoms of Variabilitis is a portfolio that outgrows existing staff. If you notice your auto finance portfolio fluctuating in size and in nature, it may be time to re-evaluate your needs and seek outside help.

2. Tiredness – You and your team are completely spent and devoid of energy after a day’s work, so much so that it’s affecting your personal life. You’re putting in a lot of extra time at the office, making your partner wonder if they should send a search and rescue operation after you.

3. A feeling of being extremely overwhelmed – You’re switching gears so much that you should be in a Formula 1 race. You don’t have time to breathe or even consider the implications of your last decision, making planning ahead nearly impossible.

4. Uneasiness or looming dread – Even though you’re trying to get as much done as possible, inefficiencies leave you with a general sense of uneasiness or looming dread. It’s only a matter of time before they catch up with you.

5. General confusion – You don’t have time to figure out what day of the week it is, let alone how to source knowledgeable talent that can help you maintain your knowledge base.


You think you have Variabilitis at your lending institution. Now what?

In most cases, the best way to treat Variabilitis is to get outside help that can assist you in:

  • Evaluating your needs
  • Recommending tailored solutions
  • Sourcing talent
  • Analyzing metrics for constant improvement

By seeking help from an outsourcing provider with expertise and industry experience, you can take variabilitis head on and reap the rewards of good health for your various back-office operations. For instance, you can:


1. Save time and energy while minimizing your risk – Taking the time to understand all of the regulatory nuances involved in servicing is an enormous task. You need to focus on your core business, not on staying compliant. It’s in these situations that you could benefit from an outsourcing provider that is already in touch with all of the regulatory requirements within the industry. By outsourcing you save time, energy, and minimize your risk.

2. Increase profitability through savings – Fund further growth through the savings you gain by outsourcing. Outsourcing puts you in a position of power with the potential to negotiate costs down. When you decide to do everything yourself, you incur all of the costs.

3. Actualize efficiency – Outsourcing allows you to turn to the experts who do this sort of thing every day. Operational efficiency is their livelihood and they can help you identify tactics and strategies, based on viable analytics and data metrics, to streamline your processes and help you grow.

4. Stay up-to-date and in-the-know – By working with an outsourcing provider that specializes in auto financing, you get unparalleled access to a partner that has their finger on the pulse when it comes to auto financing trends and developments.

5. Realize compounding benefits – Sometimes effects snowball. Outsourcing some of your operations can initiate a chain reaction of benefits throughout your organization. From streamlined processes to the implementation of successful strategies, outsourcing can give your company the competitive advantage.


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