What the Movie "Big" has to Teach Us about Scaling Your Servicing Operation

What the Movie "Big" has to Teach Us about Scaling Your Servicing Operation

What the Movie “Big” has to Teach Us about Scaling Your Servicing Operation

If the movie “Big” has taught us anything, it’s that growing overnight, especially when you’re not ready for it, can have unforeseen consequences. In the movie (spoiler alert), after wishing to be made ‘big,’ a twelve-year-old named Josh Baskin is magically transformed into a grown man in his thirties played by Tom Hanks. Josh initially finds the change bewildering then exciting as he navigates New York and gains his dream job at FAO Swartz. It’s only later when the pressures of adulthood creep in that he longs for his old life.

In the same way, when your servicing operation grows overnight, you might find the change bewildering and exciting at first, after all, more loans or leases mean more money. Josh thought that being a grown-up meant more freedom, but the reality is much more complicated than that. You can grow and make it ‘big,’ but if you don’t have the skills, experience, and infrastructure in place to support it, your growing pains will be particularly painful.

A call center is no different, you need the infrastructure and experience to support your growth. With Sagent’s Contact and Servicing Center, you can get the white-labeled support you need to grow big and succeed. By outsourcing your call center support with a service that can scale, you can:

Avoid the errors that arise when building an internal capability

Just as Josh didn’t know the full extent of what he was getting into when he grew overnight, you might not know the full extent of what you’ll need now that you’re a bigger operation. Sagent has the experience to know what errors to expect, avoiding them entirely for a smoother transition.

Establish operational excellence by leveraging an experienced call center

As a kid in an adult body, Josh doesn’t initially make the best decisions. Josh ultimately benefits from informed guidance on how to behave as an adult from those around him with more experience. For example, running champion / challenger assessments can ensure that you’re on the right path moving forward.

Scale efficiently

Having the right staff makes all the difference, which is something Mr. MacMillan knows all about. In the movie, he sees Josh display the traits he’s looking for in an employee, an insight into toys and a child-like enthusiasm. This makes Josh the right ‘man’ for the job when it comes to the toy tester position. Just like Mr. MacMillan, you want to have the ‘right’ people to ensure the proper servicing of your portfolio.

Staffing can be done in two ways, internally and externally. While both have their benefits, sourcing your staff using an external call center service means you’ll never have to worry about where you’re going to find skilled professionals when it’s time to scale up.

Choose the right partner

Throughout the movie, Josh has difficulty in relationships due to his inexperience. In business, choosing the right relationships are important. You want a true partner that understands your business and caters to your needs and who knows how to bring the best out of you.

For white-labeled Contact and Servicing Center Support that you can use to grow wisely, turn to Sagent, particularly when your portfolio is too ‘big’ to handle.