Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Optimize Your Servicing Operations with Business Process Outsourcing

Tired of dealing with your company’s operational inefficiencies and the resulting costs? Outsource your customer service and back-office lending processes with Sagent Lending Technologies. Save money on staff, office space, and the sourcing of critical technology systems whether you choose one or all of Sagent’s beneficial BPO services. With Sagent, you’ll have a full BPO servicing center at your disposal, capable of keeping up with the demands of your growing business and strengthening your brand. You’ll never have to worry about compounding transaction amounts as Sagent’s BPO services easily scale to the size and scope of your workload.

Boost your processing speed and scale up your lending operations with BPO:

  • Seasoned professionals with years of auto finance and portfolio management experience
  • Complete back-office support for both auto loans and leases
  • White-label customer service
  • Configurable solutions and processes to fit your individual business needs
  • Smooth and rapid implementation for an easy transition

Cut operational costs with either à la carte or end-to-end BPO services:

Discover how BPO services from Sagent can benefit your lending business.