Pricing Program Advantage

Pricing Program Advantage

Prosper with Consistent Pricing

Pricing consistency and accuracy are key to increasing loan and lease originations and reducing borrower attrition (loss). Dealers and borrowers want to know what pricing programs are available to them but also want peace of mind that those programs will be consistent from the initial shopping experience all the way through to funding. Pricing Program Advantage offers dynamic program and pricing options in a consistent manner across all direct and indirect acquisition channels in real time and from any device.

Ensure a seamless experience at every touchpoint with Sagent Lending Technologies’ Pricing Program Advantage. Pricing consistency is key to creating a trusted relationship between you, your borrower, and your brand.

Managing credit risk and accurate pricing models go hand-in-hand and with Pricing Program Advantage, you’ll be able to develop timely, highly-customized financial programs and control them with a single, easy-to-use system.

Win more deals with a pricing solution that is:

  • Consistent – Pricing Program Advantage manages all product and pricing data, updating all connected systems automatically. The solution provides multiple programs, pricing, and compensation options to all constituents in real-time for multiple assets.
  • Responsive – Enjoy real-time updates and transactions with data that is easily accessible from anywhere through any device. Lender-managed solution allows real-time updates to pricing and programs as market dynamics, competition, and financial influences change.
  • Flexible – Configure your pricing strategy data to make your day-to-day operations easier. Creates less rework and enhanced efficiencies by consolidating all financial product rates and programs into one system that can integrate with all constituents of pricing data.
  • Easily integrated – Pricing Program Advantage supports many third party integrations, importing data without changing your pricing controls.
  • Compliant – Get auditable configuration tools with ad hoc and customizable reporting capabilities.

Pricing Program Advantage supports your pricing needs:

  • Single repository that houses all of your programs, rates, residuals, compensation, and incentives
  • Integrate with any source that needs access to programs, compensation, or incentives via a single interface
  • Fully configurable platform that allows you to manage all of your financial products in a single platform without preset boundaries
  • Enterprise solution that can integrate with internal platforms for audit, aggregation, and data sharing

Create custom, consistent rates for the competitive edge today with Pricing Program Advantage.


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