Maximize Your Resale Value with Vehicle Remarketing

Every dollar counts and that’s why a remarketing service that focuses on getting you the greatest return at auctions from selling off-lease or repossessed vehicles is a partner you keep. With Sagent Lending Technologies’ automotive remarketing, you get a partner who has experience having sold over 1 million vehicles under a wide variety of portfolio types.


Rely on the remarketing experts:

  • Accurate vehicle market value pricing through proprietary data sources
  • Competitive auction rates that include storage, repair, and sale fees
  • Onsite representation at each vehicle auction house location
  • Numerous internet vehicle sales channels
  • Quick sale of your boats, jet skis, cars, trucks, SUVs, four-wheelers, and other vehicles

With Sagent remarketing services, you’ll get:

  • More return on the resale of your off-lease and repossessed vehicles
  • Cost savings from Sagent’s vehicle auction connections
  • The ability to focus on growing your loan and lease portfolio

Save time and money selling your off-lease or repossessed vehicle inventory with Sagent or discover our other useful business process outsourcing (BPO) services.

At the Auction for You

Rely on remarketing services that prioritize the return you make on your vehicle inventory